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Chris Rock with the true about Fathers and men in general

Chris Rock with the true about Fathers and men in general

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  • duppy_c

    This special wasn’t his best, but it was still up there. Chris Rock has some of the most insightful ~~lives~~ lines in comedy: “A man is only as faithful as his options”

  • dresn231

    Just like the Father’s sketch how no one thanks daddy for knocking out the rent/mortgage. How no one thanks daddy for all this light and hot water and roof over their head. It’s true all that the father wants is the big piece of chicken and time to be left the hell alone for a bit after a long days work.

  • In_my_worst_timeline

    Its a special kind of cold, i think no one has loved me for who i am… Or even care much for me for that matter regardless

  • colbat45

    Love seeing Reddit immediately jump on a comedian for a joke they disagree with. Like the comedian will read their comment and go “omg, you know what? Random redditor 553 is absolutely correct!”

  • kr1333

    I wouldn’t get too worked up about the man-woman thing. The opening lines about children, dogs, and women getting unconditional love are certainly questionable in real life, but in comedic terms they are just a premise to set up the killer punch line.

  • Rysonue

    It’s interesting to see how people just… Don’t get… How comedy works. This isn’t an academic essay it’s a rant using hyperbole for dramatic effect to express about lived experiences.

  • ButItDidHappen

    This is in the same special where he admits to cheating on his wife multiple times – how’s that for unconditional love?

  • daveescaped

    Men aren’t judged for what they provided. Men are judged for what they provided *lately*.

    A dudes family could be living in a nice house with a pool and two new cars in the drive. If he loses his job, they might as well be in the hood.

  • Cassius_Rex

    Like everything, that is only partly true. And by that, I mean that there are exceptions.

    Me and my buddy used to work together , and we had a co-worker who was one of THE baddest sisters on the planet. I’m talking “Beyonce wishes she looked like that” fine.

    One day at quitting time she was In the parking lot looking mad as hell. Of course we ran up to see if we could help (lol, ‘help’ ain’t what i wanted to do).

    She told us that her boyfriend had her car and hadn’t showed up yet and he was “probably driving some bitch around in my car again”.


    She went on to tell us how he didn’t work but that her 9 year old daughter (not his kid) would come home from school and he was too lazy to get up and let her in the door. And yea, and he is ‘fresh out’ (of prison).

    Me and my friend just looked at each other like wtf man. Here is that gorgeous , hard working woman and she tolerates this slug of a human being that isn’t doing anything right. Meanwhile our overtime working while still going to college asses can’t get a date.

    She ended up having her brother come get her from work. The next day, Ole boy shows up to pick her up on time. I quit from there shortly after so I don’t know what happened after that.

    That was like 25 years ago, but I still think about that day in the parking lot.

  • Thunderbudz

    I came here wondering how others felt because I thought it was funny and I have felt this in the past.

    I know a lot of guy friends that feel this, I know my dad felt this. I know that this feeling exists, so I thought it was funny. But holy smokes so many people can’t seem to acknowledge the element of truth that this comes from. Is it absolutely true and universal? No, not quite.. but it does exist. And pointing at it is why its funny.

    It’s like sexual harassment for women. It is almost completely universal and yet somehow in the smattering of billions of women, I know ONE that hasn’t felt the type of harassment that I would call universal. But it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist or that others don’t experience it or that even you have just been blissfully ignorant of it.

    There are so many truths out there that when you hear a statement like this and you think “no, that’s wrong” maybe you should ask a group of the people this affects and see if maybe you’ve just been blissfully unaware that others our there might relate to this. Consider yourself lucky that you cant relate to a joke that for other people hits a bone and turns a sad part of their life into a piece of dark (maybe not this one) humor.

  • sciamatic

    LOL I like how he straight up makes the point that how a woman looks is the conditional part for us, but clearly doesn’t see it as conditional.

    You think women are loved unconditionally? Try being an ugly woman. Trust me, it’s not great.

  • WileEWeeble

    He has a point but by his very premise “women” are not loved “unconditionally” as he later points out; “is she hot?” If not, “she no good to me”

    “A woman who a man finds unattractive is like a broke hand.” Basically, men and women both suck…its just called the human condition.

  • Halucinogen-X

    lol if men are only loved for their money, then women are only loved for their looks. Not even dogs are loved unconditionally.

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