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Celebrating 50 Years Of HBO | HBO

Celebrating 50 Years Of HBO | HBO

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  • SerDire

    Taking a shot on Game of Thrones might have been their biggest stroke of genius and that’s saying something. Shows like Sopranos, The Wire and Deadwood put them on the map but GoT changed the game. It barely made a whisper when it premiered, then they killed off Ned and everyone took notice. Little by little it grew, as well as the budget. Most Emmy nominated prime time drama and most wins. Now everyone wants a piece of the fantasy market

  • NachoBag_Clip932

    As a kid I remember HBO came on at like 5:00 PM and signed off at like 11:00 and we got it for free. When they went to 24 hours, I watched the cable guys going down the road checking everybody’s cable connection and sure enough no more HBO.

  • minorgrey

    I’m 46 years old and barely remember life without HBO. My dad was a movie fanatic and signed up the second it became available in our area (some point in the early 80’s). It’s one of the only brands I’m loyal to, where it goes I go.

  • Hades_adhbik

    HBO was the original netflix. At a time when there was only movies, it invested in cables to delivery theater quality movies straight to your television set, hence the name home box office, it’s been bumpy but I couldn’t be more proud of everything that’s been accomplished,

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