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Castle Crashers has some of the best damn couch-co-op of all time. I’d absolutely love a sequel.

Castle Crashers has some of the best damn couch-co-op of all time. I’d absolutely love a sequel.

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  • Hieroglyphics--

    I agree. It takes me back to being a kid and playing Streets of Rage, Battletoads, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Golden Axe with my brother. CC is an excellent experience from beginning to end.

  • Ebolatastic

    It’s a great brawler. Go check out Dragons Crown if you want to see another fantasy brawler that will blow you away.

  • fartemous_foul

    It’s probably the last game I played with my brother.

    He’s still alive we just don’t do couch co op anymore.

  • LTman86

    If you haven’t yet, check out the other games [The Behemoth]( have made. While I *think* Battleblock theater is 2-player, it’s still a lot of fun!

    Also, they’re currently working on [Alien Hominid: Invasion]( which is scheduled to be released sometime this year! Looks like a lot of fun! Especially if you’ve played the first Alien Hominid on the Xbox 360 or on Newgrounds.

    Fun fact: the guys at The Behemoth got their start making Flash Games on Newgrounds!

  • Alsimni

    I still remember going a full magic build with the red knight because I always do, and pissing my friends off with his touch of death lightning spell that I could channel for their entire health.

  • RagnarokCross

    The Behemoth has some good games but I can never forgive them for not making a sequel to this. I think me and my boys spent hundreds of hours playing this over Xbox Live.

  • Uncle_Budy

    I tried playing with a friend who loved this game. But his character was leveled up and couldn’t reset, so every map was just him one-shoting everything and me being carried. Not fun, never finished it.

  • Orbnotacus

    I’ve been playing it with my 4 year old on pc, and he absolutely loves it. He plays it be himself all the time now, and almost has the red knight maxed out. Lmfao.

  • Timmace

    I’ve been playing a lot of couch co-op games with my 4 year old such as Castle Crashers, TMNT (Shredders Revenge and Cowabunga Collection), Scott Pilgrim and even that Space Jam: New Legacy game. His hands are too small to properly hold an xbox controller so he lays the controller in his lap and he pinches the left stick like it is a joystick.

  • vicarious_glitch

    Castle Crashers got me and my friends through Hurricane Ike, having just dealt with Gustav a month before. I remember my dad letting us play on Xbox 360 in my room for a limited time while we ran our generator. We played the crap out of that game.

  • KnobbyDarkling

    2 dudes from Newgrounds/Sleepycabin JohnnyUtah and Spazkid are working on their own similar game. No ETA but they’ve been working on it for years now. You can see the trailer on YouTube and art on their Twitters. It’s called Nightmare Cops

  • aztechfilm

    I was in college when Castle Crashers first came out and I vividly remember playing co-op with my neighbor almost everyday for about a month. When either of us got back from class we’d knock on the others door and just start playing. It was an absolute blast

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