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Canadian Cities are only liked by Canadians . . . and that seems to be pushing it too.

Canadian Cities are only liked by Canadians . . . and that seems to be pushing it too.

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  • elanvi

    What a brain dead take, first of all every major city has similar issues not just the ones in Canada for a very basic reason: none of them were designed to house the populations that we see now , nobody back then expected this growth in population , in some cases these cities were designed to house less than 10% of the current population so the argument that people chose this also goes out the window .

    If you think that you can change a city that hosts millions of people at a fundamental level and not destroy your economy than you are out of your mind.

    Now the next thing would be why don’t they build new cities, well China did just that and now there are multiple empty ghost cities that were supposed to host millions of people. The hundreds of billions that went into that were just flushed down the toilet and not a lot of countries have that amount of money to begin with.

    This video is just an exercise on wishful thinking with no real world solutions, same as saying how cool would it be fly unassisted and how better our society would be, completely pointless.

  • ketamarine

    What they mean is Toronto, the most American and car-centric large city in Canada, indeed sucks. (I mean YYC and YEG are up there too).

    But then they go list Canada’s other two large cities as examples of walkable and livable cities… Lol

  • alessandro_673

    There isn’t really changing an entire city from the ground up man. It’s already built.

    Now the biggest problem I have with Toronto (which this video seems to principally be about) is the construction doesn’t make sense. It seems like most construction contracts, particularly for the road, are given to the mob or something to that effect. It fucks up everything in the city.

  • Igorius

    I’m not Canadian and Toronto is my favorite city in the world. It’s like a cleaner and more civilized NYC. Born in Ukraine, live in US and have been all over the world. Really like Vancouver and Montreal as well.

  • pre_nerf_infestor

    Toronto: You despise me, don’t you?

    Vancouver: If I gave you any thought I probably would.

    Toronto: You know, Vancouver, I have many a friend in the world, but somehow, just because you despise me, you are the only one I trust.

  • BCJunglist

    I can’t even dignify this video with a hit.

    Canadian cities aren’t without their problems, but let’s be real here… Vancouver and Toronto have sky high rent because the demand to live there is sky high.

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