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Can you really drive while facing backwards?

Can you really drive while facing backwards?

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  • Kevinb888

    Dude those are the Thunderbirds! One of the best shows ever as a kid😂😂😂😂😂I know, I am old😂😂😂

  • meccano300

    Can’t help but think that Sparkmate didn’t exactly seem to be trying to create what Tom requested in the video. The experimenting with different seating positions and switching to a game controller didn’t seem like decisions that were trying to recreate the SPV vehicle that he described. I’m not sure if he was requesting an experience like the SPV or just wanted to drive facing backwards though. Similarly it’d be nice if they put a sheet up to block the view of the outside at least a bit. Overall really interesting though

  • EmptyFriend

    It seems like blocking out all of his peripheral vision would help, and be more accurate to the driver in the show. It would have to be easier to focus on the monitor if that was all you could see.

  • assassin10

    I’m curious if mirroring the display and controls would help make it feel more natural. That way what you see as a left turn and what you feel as a left turn would coincide.

  • Nalin163

    Am I crazy in thinking this is not much different from a car in reverse and using the reverse camera to drive?

    Mad props to Tom for trying to go full crash test dummy out of the gate though.

  • Summebride

    They only really tested one of these three conditions:

    * full exposure to peripheral views (this was done)
    * peripheral views blocked (better simulates the SPV)
    * fully isolated from the vehicle, steering remotely, with no peripheral and no motion cues.

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