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CA sheriff orders raid on Indiana Batmobile garage, allegedly as favor for friend

CA sheriff orders raid on Indiana Batmobile garage, allegedly as favor for friend

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  • WhtRbbt222

    I don’t understand how they got warrants. They shouldn’t have any kind of jurisdiction in Indiana. Wouldn’t they have to go through the local PD in order to get a warrant and do the actual raid once/if they got the warrant?

    None of this makes sense.


    The ability to see what’s going on in this country and still launch this “investigation” is mind blowing. Clearly there are no lasting reprecussions for their actions. Police behavior will never change until incentives are appropriately aligned.

    We need to rework our justice system from the ground up and it is disheartening to know that is unlikely to happen in my lifetime. Unless we go all French revolution I guess.

  • leoberto1

    Any lawyers have a take on this?

    I imagine if the terms of the purchase had strict deadlines to deliver but didnt specify full payment the rich guy might win at getting his only option of getting a bat mobile taken away, if the builder is jailed

  • CGordini

    Rich guy pays off cops, and we’re shocked at all by this?

    And then a whole BARREL OF APPLES, DA on down, defend the cops involved.

  • SophisticatedVagrant

    I don’t know the American legal system, but how did cops from California get a warrant / jurisdiction in Indiana?

  • DTFlash

    It will be interesting to see if the cops fudged info to get that warrant. It sounds like they treated him as if the guys batmobile shop didn’t exist and he was committing fraud.

  • FSYigg

    At this point there should be a few federal three-letter agencies involved and people should be fired and going to jail for this gross overstep of authority.

  • redbullhamster

    That’s insane.

    My best friend knocks on my door and says hey come help me fuck with this guy that’s making me a superman space ship I paid 120k for.

    I’d laugh in that nerds face. ESPECIALLY because they’re close to me.

  • Vehayah

    Ok so your friend misses a payment so you send your thugs across state lines and outside their jurisdiction to cause trouble at tax payer expense. I hope this ass sheriff loses his job and is charged with illegal use of law enforcement

  • banksy_h8r

    While the Sheriff, policemen, and San Mateo county DA all deserve the hate they are getting, reserve some for **Sam Anagnostou**, the wealthy asshole who was pulling strings to make this happen. He got turned down by the DA and courts multiple times over years before finally getting a judge to sign off on a warrant.

    Imagine being such a spoiled manchild that you’d throw such a tantrum with the courts and your buddies in law enforcement that they send jackbooted thugs halfway across the country, out of jurisdiction and with questionable legality, just because you didn’t get the batmobile replica car you wanted on time.

    **All this for a _fucking toy_.**

  • LykaiosFury

    This is plain pure and simple misappropriation of departmental resources. The sheriff should be up on charges.

  • BurningOrangeHeaven

    I think what got glossed over and is also very important is that bit about gmail and getting a warrant for his pictures etc so easily. Can’t trust the cloud.

  • soulbandaid

    You couldn’t pick a more lovable nerd to go after.

    >”I’m on the side of good”

    >”I’ve been a Batman fan since I was 3 years old”(Halloween costume evidence included)

    >”I just love 60s batman”

    This dude geeked out in the best way and precisely recreated the batmobile he loved.

    He did such an amazing job he is now ‘the liscened batmobile builder’ and now your wanna dick him in contact disputes because you didn’t pay on time so you won’t get your car on time.

    Straight villain behavior. This is how you bring out the bat. This guy already has the exotic gazillionaire status but maybe not quite as sexy.

  • Aluggo

    How does a CA sheriff order something in another State? Is this a thing? Poor Batman. Gotham won’t have a Batmobile tonight.

  • dogchowtoastedcheese

    Four cops go from California to Indiana for a toy. But 400 cops can’t make it down the hallway in Uvalde TX to save 19 kids lives. Tell me what’s wrong with law enforcement.

  • JakobWulfkind

    So… I have questions:

    1. Instead of paying off the sheriff to raid the place, wouldn’t it have been cheaper to just pay the builder extra to put him back at the top of the queue?
    2. How the hell does that warrant get issued? A judge in California should have refused on jurisdictional grounds (and can’t issue a valid warrant for an Indiana seizure anyway), a judge in Indiana wouldn’t be willing to touch this case with a ten-foot pole, and a federal judge would have sent feds instead of local cops from another state.
    3. Why would the Indiana police be willing to allow California police to take a suspect to one of their jails?
    4. How the hell are those “batmobiles” street legal? A red beacon is usually completely off-limits for civilian vehicles, and I doubt they have the required safety features of a new car.

  • Psychoticbovine

    The idea that you can be an artisan just making expensive nerd-merchandise, piss off the wrong rich dickhead, and suddenly you’re hit with two felonies should be fucking horrifying.
    We don’t just live in a world where the rich play by different rules, we live in a world where the rich can sign your life away for looking at them funny. We’ve circled fully back to a monarchy system.

  • HaggisMcD

    I used to help run a con in Indy, and this maker is the best friend to one of my prop maker friends and it would be a huge boon to the event every time he brought one of his bat mobiles to the floor. He is a sweet guy who just loves fandom and has a passion for prop making so deep he got officiated by WB to make them. It is seriously sickening that someone thinks they can treat someone else like this and can use his influence to have the state do it on his behalf. Eat the rich people, fuck fake libertarians, and be better to each other.

  • Id_in_hiding

    ABC I-Team should go deeper into investigating the relationship of these two. I bet dude donated to the sheriff’s campaign in the past. Corrupt sheriff is just returning the favor.

  • suffertunity

    This doesn’t surprise me at all. I knew someone who had a dispute with someone who knew the local cops in Ohio, got arrested on Friday night on a long weekend over some unprosecutable BS so he couldn’t get bail until Tuesday. These small town and suburban cops can turn into minor league mafias. They can get away with whatever they want as long as it’s small enough to stay off the FBI’s radar.

  • kdoxy

    This is what cops would rather do then stop real crime. Go bully a pastor for their rich friends bat mobile. DC should step in file a lawsuit for harassment against one of their contractors.

  • feignapathy

    Video in text form basically:

    County police and prosecutors from a state thousands of miles away should not have authority and jurisdiction here. They should have had to enlist the FBI/DOJ or go through an Indiana police agency. Sam Anagnostou and San Mateo County Sheriff Carlos Bolanos should probably face criminal charges for abuse of power. San Mateo County Deputy District Attorney Marie McLaughlin is not sounding too innocent in all of this either.

    I’m curious what could have possibly been discovered in the gmail or documents taken that would warrant a criminal case and not a civil case in Indiana.

  • leathwonders

    I know this guy. He is a good person. The police came busting in with warrants. Flew from Cali and put up in hotels. If I was him, I’d be sueing for deformation of character, loss of income from his business, improper use of government funds, excessive use of force, exercising a warrant outside of jurisdiction. Fuck around and find out.

    Anyway… its awful. The whole thing is a myriad of lies and corruption.

  • Smashtray2

    Wow. They were able to freeze his bank accounts. Damn. What country is this? I mean time to go back to hiding money in the mattress or burying in the yard… geez…lets hope we never piss of a big wig like this…amazing the power they have.

  • TheB1GLebowski

    When they said they are officers from California he should have closed the door and called a lawyer. Zero jurisdiction half way across the country like that. The fuck is wrong with people?

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