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Bungie’s old gem that needs a modern remake

Bungie’s old gem that needs a modern remake

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  • Deltron_Zed

    There was something I found intriguing about this game that I can not now remember. I’m not saying anything negative about the game, just that I don’t recall.

    Rts, right?

  • LLemon_Pepper

    This was the first time a game took over my life. I lived and breathed this game. From high school, using the free demo that allowed you to spawn copies and play for free on LAN, in the computer lab after school, all the way through college. When I left for college, the computer I brought with me had to have the specs to play Myth II at high settings, that was my only concern haha. When I was busy with school stuff, I would still sign in and hang out in lobbies chatting with my clan mates. Used to call it the most expensive chat program I ever bought. I even played on a team for the Myth World Cup in 2001. And when Bungie made the microsoft deal and sold the IP to TakeTwo, I followed the development of Myth III, made by MumboJumbo games, very closely. (and was very disappointed hah). I haven’t played in ages, but I still have it installed. Fuck I’m old.

  • MagnanimousDonkey

    One of the best narrative stories in gaming. It really gripped you and pulled you into its bleak world. I still talk fondly of this game

  • IncognitoSlug123

    I was so terrible at this series! I loved it though, I’d love to see a remake (or even just a remaster to make the experience smooth for modern audiences)

  • WurstCaseSzenario

    I watched my brother play this on my dads mac, it was amazing for me. I remember being impressed by the “gore”, granted that I was maybe 8 or so

  • therealpingspike

    I remember when Bungie was bought up by MS and they announced the servers were shutting down. I was in the top 5 players on If I had a trow – body count. Lasted a day. But I’ll never forget!

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