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Breaking Bad – Hell yeah, we got vests

Breaking Bad – Hell yeah, we got vests

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  • MarvelousMagikarp

    Lucky you boys caught me. I’ve got a load to pick up, I’m taking the 40 straight through to Memphis! I can hammer it out in about 15, but there’s this girl down here named Laney or Lolly or somethin’. Maybe Fran. Anyhow, she’s got one of these fetish things, she likes to get peed on, y’know, so I was hoping to see her tonight, but she’s real strict ’bout wanting to get to sleep before 10, so I wanna wrap it up here ASAP because traffic can be a wild card, y’know, rubberneckin’ and such. Surprising thing is the women who like to get peed on always tend to be from the warmer climates. You’d think the ones in the colder zones would be more inclined but I haven’t met one yet. I mean, it’s a shock to the system if the body is not properly acclimated, but y’know… leave that for smarter minds than me. Science is a mystery.

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