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Brazilian boy (12) playing violin at the funeral of his teacher who rescued him from poverty & crime

Brazilian boy (12) playing violin at the funeral of his teacher who rescued him from poverty & crime

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  • saucedsalad42

    What a powerful picture. Hopefully he stays on the straight and narrow, sometimes traumatic events will cause people to relapse..

  • kushkatya

    I feel for him on so many levels. Also it’s really difficult to perform while emotional, so if he was able to, more props to him.

  • MindSecurity

    Everytime I have seen this story and picture I always wonder how exactly a teacher lifted someone only 12 years old out of poverty. What do they mean by that statement exactly? I feel as if that part of the story was made up.

  • rightioushippie

    Why would anyone think he was rescued from poverty and crime? You can still be poor and play the violin and if his parents put him in violin lessons he probably wasn’t going to go in to working in crime anyway. Why can’t he just be sad his teacher died?

    Edit: Poor people can play the violin too. Being a good musician doesn’t automatically make you not poor. People live in the favela who are not involved in crime. So many people. I am not sure why I am being so downvoted. People really clinging to wildly racist and xenophobic assumptions about people.

  • stonewall386

    This is both beautiful and saddening at the same time. Quite the moment.

    Hope little man makes it in life, he has a good heart.

  • sirdigbykittencaesar

    Damn. Jaded as I am, seeing this photo was like being punched. A few decades after high school I finally found and wrote to my favorite teacher (she taught me French from grades 7-11) and told her exactly why she was so influential. She wrote me back the most beautiful letter in impeccable handwriting.

    Tell your teachers when they make a difference to you. May the young man in the photo continue to be guided by the lessons his beloved teacher imparted.

  • Spartan2470

    Per [here]( and Google Translate:

    > **The photo**

    > Mourning in AfroReggae (original title of the photo), made by photographer Marcos Tristão, was published in the newspaper O Globo, in the October 19, 2009 edition and gained great national repercussion. The photo won the 2010 Embratel Press Award.

    > **The story**

    > The boy portrayed through the lens of photographer Marcos Tristão is Diego Frazão Torquato, or Diego do Violino, or simply, Azul.

    > Diego was a violin student at the String Orchestra, an AfroReggae social project, coordinated by Professor Evandro João da Silva.

    > Born in Duque de Caxias, in Baixada Fluminense and from a humble family, Diego spent his childhood in Parada de Lucas, a poor neighborhood in the North Zone of Rio de Janeiro.

    > From a very early age, he had to overcome the challenges that life imposed on him. At the age of four he had meningitis and pneumonia, diseases that left him, as a sequel, the difficulty of memorization. Even so, he learned to play the violin through classes offered in the community by his teacher Evandro, coordinator of the social projects of the NGO AfroReggae.

    > On October 18, 2009, a news story shocked AfroReggae: Evandro João da Silva had been murdered in a robbery in downtown Rio.

    > Marcos Tristão, a photographer for the newspaper O Globo, that same day, in the morning, had recorded a car accident in Barra da Tijuca, where two young people lost their lives. From there, he went on to another agenda to cover the fire fighting that destroyed the collection of the artist Hélio Oiticica. Later, he was tasked with registering the funeral of Professor Evandro João da Silva.

    > Among the dozens of students at the String Orchestra who played during the funeral, a boy drew attention for his emotion. It was Diego Frazão, who let all his feelings show in that moment of homage to the teacher and, while playing his violin, wept copiously. Marcos Tristão tried to record that exciting moment.

    > The three articles of Tristão were on the cover of the newspaper O Globo the next day, but the photo of the boy Diego, touched, took all the attention of that edition.

    > From that day on, Diego gained notoriety. He participated in several events, presentations and television programs. He had become an artist, as he himself said, when asked.

    > Unfortunately, the fame lasted only six months. In March 2010, Diego was admitted to the ICU of Hospital Saracuruna with suspicion of appendicitis, however, the case was diagnosed as acute leukemia, but chemotherapy could not be done, as the disease was already very advanced.

    > Diego Frazão Torquato, Diego do Violino, passed away on April 1, 2010, at the age of twelve.

    > After his death, the project received the name of String Orchestra Diego Frazão , in a beautiful tribute to that boy who, with his emotion, showed everyone that it is possible, even in difficulties, to form a better world.

    > Photo: Marcos Tristão

  • canolgon

    The whole situation is incredibly sad. The teacher himself was shot by two guys, cops pulled up, assumed the teacher was a beggar and ignored him, then let the two guys go.

    The teacher died in the alley.

  • three_kangaroos

    I feel weird upvoting this. Not that’s it’s not beautiful, it’s incredibly beautiful. I just feel weird upvoting someone’s suffering.

    It sounds like this teacher had a lot of character and inspiration for his students

  • batyshev

    That looks so painful. Seeing him breaks my heart. I don’t know but when it comes on this, my heart is too soft. Seeing him crying wants me to cry too.

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