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Brave Iranian woman protesting against the mandatory Hijab. Tehran, September 20 2022

Brave Iranian woman protesting against the mandatory Hijab. Tehran, September 20 2022

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    context for those who don’t know: Mahsa Amini was a 22 year old girl who was captured by the so called “morality police” for “not wearing enough hijab”. What the morality police does is that they arrest women and girls, force them into a van and charge, jail or even murder them. Mahsa Amini, sadly, was one of those who got killed. Apparently she had tried to resist but in the van, they beat her multiple time and finally her skull was damaged because of the beatings. The government tried to deny it by saying that the police never beat her and that “she got a heart attack from being over stressed”. This was utter bullshit as the scans from her brain was released a bit later showing her fractured skull. so people who have grown tired of this deceiving government decided to come to the streets to show their anger to the morality police and the government itself. Many were injured, some were killed including a 10 year old. People, men and women, united like brothers and sisters are fighting against this cruel government now. But the government is trying to cut our access to global internet to start killing the protesters and stop the news from getting out. But I know there is hope for us Iranians out there. I know you guys will help us ❤️

  • Spartan2470

    [Here]( appears to be the source of this image. Per there:

    > @AlinejadMasih

    > This is Iran today. A woman proudly burning the most visible symbol of religious dictatorship; compulsory hijab.
    Hijab police killed #MahsaAmini but now there are millions of Mahsa in Iran who are shouting NO to Forced hijab NO to gender apartheid regime.

    > 4:10 PM · Sep 19, 2022

    A relevant BBC article can be found [here](

  • Civilengman

    God bless them and give them strength of heart. Also may their men find the courage to stand in front of them and to stop the brutality of their enemies.

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