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Brandon Tsay was the hero that prevented the shooter from killing more at Lai Lai Dance Studio in Alhambra, CA

Brandon Tsay was the hero that prevented the shooter from killing more at Lai Lai Dance Studio in Alhambra, CA

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  • LevyShorts

    California gun regulations were the real hero. If it weren’t for that, this guy could’ve had an extended magazine and an assault weapon with a bump stock, killing literal thousands.

  • truckaxle

    What is incredible is Brandon could’ve shot the guy or physically knocked him out but risked his own life to just keep distance between the gun and the perp. There is a sort of calm bravery here.

  • thebigger

    The way he looks away and says, “I will.”


    I semi-sort-of get it. Never dealt with that exact level of fuckedupedness, but when you do go through something totally fucked up you just don’t know what to think. When people ask you about it, you just kind of like… laugh? Just look away and say, “yeah, ok.” By asking the question they have already alienated you from what you’re experiencing, so there is no actual answer you can give.

  • DrGochus

    I hope he isnt too negatively affected by this… if he needs professional help like therapists or something, we should gofund him or smth. This guy did what i could never do…. Hats off to you Mr. Brandon Tsay

  • dennis231

    Wow. Brave guy. Could have ended up him becoming mistaken as the gunman. With the way things are handled, he would have been shot probably.

  • Kinenai

    It’s a shame that proper people, especially heroes have to suffer fools and clowns as this young man did not only with the cowardly shooter but the imbecile interviewer asking stupid questions.

  • foodiefuk

    Mass shooters are the biggest coward POS. They attack the softest targets, expect no one to fight back, and then take their own lives.

    Remember folks, RUN-HIDE-FIGHT.

  • tastybokchoy

    I’ve heard people say “he should have fought the shooter after he disarmed him so he couldn’t get away”. We’re not the ones who were in that situation- he was, and he acted. It’s easy to assess the situation from our armchairs but none of us would’ve known exactly what we would’ve done unless we were there. Who knows what Brandon was thinking? Maybe he thought he’d lose the advantage by attacking him. Maybe he thought he had a sidearm. Maybe he thought chasing him would mean exposing himself to more shooters or putting himself in more danger. The fact that he had a gun pointed at him and chose to fight instead of running away, and risked his life doing so, is already commendable in my books.

  • hbsboak

    Terrible interview by Robin Roberts. Didn’t bother to learn how to pronounce his name first Shay? No. Then constantly interrupted with dumb questions. Where was her producer when she was floundering with this?

  • Velsca

    I’m surprised the California DA didn’t charge Tsay with a crime for holding the attackers gun after he wrestled it away. Dumpster fire 🔥

  • LowDownSkankyDude

    Shock is wild. My man, hasn’t even processed this yet, and has to do interviews already.
    Hope he comes through all of this ok.

  • Whygoogleissexist

    So this brave man wrestled the gun from the shooter. The shooter leaves. So here is the question I would ask him- how did you avoid getting shot by the responding officers? I thought they shoot first and ask questions later.

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