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Blade Runner Comparison | Director’s Cut vs Final Cut

Blade Runner Comparison | Director’s Cut vs Final Cut

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  • Vanhelzer2pointO

    There can only be one: 1982 release. I can appreciate the digital nuances (but still dig the original cinematography) and so much is missing from Deckard’s character without narration

  • Milnoc

    For me, the most important fixes were removing the visible cables holding the spinner and fixing the background of the bird flying away. Every other change was barely noticeable from my perspective and didn’t alter the movie in a negative way.

    This was definitely not a George Lucas Special Edition style hack job. 😁

  • NewtRipley_1986

    Excellent work.

    I’ve watched all versions of Blade Runner and seeing this comparison is quite interesting. There are definitely things about the Final Cut I like but mostly prefer the “look” of the Directors Cut. Now if only there was a way to combine the two – then it would be perfect (imo).

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