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Billy Mitchell, disgraced King Kong world record holder, is suing YouTuber Karl Jobst fraudulently yet again.

Billy Mitchell, disgraced King Kong world record holder, is suing YouTuber Karl Jobst fraudulently yet again.

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  • warble_bird

    How does recognized cheater Bill Mitchell have enough money to create all of these law suits? He doesn’t come across as a wealthy individual…

  • godel32

    Billy Mitchell, he’s the guy that cheated and was shamed when he was exposed to have been cheating his whole adult life in the 90’s right?

  • Nervous-Ear-8594

    It’s just insane how this guy keeps digging deeper holes for himself. Just give it the fuck up and move on with your life. How this guy just wants to keep reminding people he cheated and took attention away from people that actually had skill is beyond me.

  • CombinationSea

    Fun fact: If you watch the documentary, a phone number for his hot sauce is displayed. Now, im not saying its still active and perhaps of me was to call it stoned at 3 AM that he’d answer…

  • netean

    Billy Mitchell is the Lance Armstrong of Video Games.
    He cheated and got caught, bummer! But if he’s just been less of an utter arrogant wanker about getting caught we could all have eventually looked past that and still recognised what an amazing achievement he’d made.

  • Gloria_Patri

    I’m a big fan of Karl Jobst. I’m also not a fan of Billy Mitchell. However, $180,000AUS ($120,000 USD) seems like a very large amount to spend on defending against a frivolous lawsuit. Most civil lawyers charge at most $500 per hour, and the idea that 250-300 hours has been spent on what is essentially a minimal effort Hail Mary by Mitchell and crew seems a little obscene. I would be curious exactly how this money is being spent, and I feel like if it’s crowd funded, there should be a little more transparency on the actual costs.

  • non-diegetic-travel

    I know nothing about the law. But if something like this goes to court can you counter sue for Billy to cover his legal expenses… if the suits become clearly understood by the judge as an attempt to silence the youtuber?

  • spurlockmedia

    I remember hearing about risk guy 10 years ago for what he did 10 years prior to that.

    Maybe it’s time to simply accept defeat for losing a video game??

  • Justinian2

    How does someones life get to the point where they can ever be described as a “disgraced Donkey Kong world record holder”

  • DrLeftCrRight

    Legal question – how does anyone have jurisdiction to hear this case? One is from the United States. One is from Australia. This seems to verge on international law which citizens of another nation aren’t bound to unless the nations have jointly agreed to it. Also, I’m really having trouble seeing the US allowing Australian courts to decide binding outcomes on torts against US citizens…. but I don’t know what I’m talking about, so maybe they did, or I’m just misunderstanding, maybe.

  • tcp1

    Todd Rogers, another exposed cheat and pal of Billy’s, is suing the Guinness Book of World records for “loss of income” for removing his fake record.

    These are men in their 50s, loudly crying over losing their high score records in video games.

  • Linkhaxor

    How can anyone take this cheater seriously when he’s suing over a 10-second AVGN meme that someone else made?
    Bitchell, just take the L and fade back into obscurity already…

  • hootsboots

    My thought process after reading the headline, “oh that’s shitty. That Mitchell guy always seemed like a douche.”

    The video begins with “hello you absolute legends”

    Me, “I’m with Billy Mitchell.”

    Edit: After watching the entire video, “yeah fuck Billy Mitchell.”

  • polymorph505

    Crowdfunding isn’t the answer, anti-SLAPP motions and counter-suits are. Billy should be the one on the hook for his ridiculous lawsuits. Somehow he survived two anti-SLAPP motions from Twin Galaxies but that cannot last forever with his ridiculous claims.

    He used MAME, he changed the clock to make it more closely resemble hardware and falsely submitted high scores. He’s a cheater even if that’s the extent of what he did.

  • RagingCatbtt

    This guy also tried to sue a cartoon that he accused of portraying his likeness. The courts ruled in favor of the cartoon company.

  • Subtotalpoet

    I saw that guy’s photo in my subconscious the other day. Is this the only photo we have of him? Can we get a different fucking photo please?

  • RaidenXYae

    this guy is a dick for doing this and all,but why does Karl keep poking him anyway. I get that these clickbait views bring in money,but surely having lawsuits can’t be fun.

  • Edwardc4gg

    Man Karl’s just posting all these lawsuit videos and I’m all for it but my god just counter sue and be done. I had to unsubscribe. Can’t stand it anymore.

  • mrobot_

    OMFG what a sad, pathetic grandpa… if he was ANY good at games AT ALL, he would just do one of the bazillion tournaments popping up like crazy all these years and get a couple of legit title.

  • TheStefen

    I worked for his sister Michelle at one of the Rickey’s locations. She utterly despised him. I jokingly said that we should get a Donkey Kong arcade cabinet in the restaurant. Shortly after, I no longer worked there.

    Every now and then I’ll get food from the original Rickey’s up the street. I drove by the one I worked at not too long ago and it isn’t a place I’d go visit again anytime soon.

  • ilkovsky

    Hello, fellow legends.
    Billy Mitchell is an ass. But how come his lawyer doesn’t advise him to not go around suing people, what with all the evidence against him?

    I hope he doesn’t start suing karl for the fourth time, after the latest video.

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