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big guy gets coached by other big guy on how to become bigger

big guy gets coached by other big guy on how to become bigger

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  • hawkwings

    The instructor seemed a little bit out of breath. He seems to use a slightly different definition of “stretch” than what a yoga instructor would use. He seems to be saying that you should lower the weight slowly.

  • Fellers

    I recently added incline curls to my routine. It feels super nice to do in the sense that I’m working my biceps.

  • bluetimmy

    This is probably the reason for the myth that muscles built with steroids aren’t that strong? Bodybuilders try to target the muscle they’re working on while avoiding excess systemic fatigue. They might use weights that look too light to the regular joe who does full body bicep curls.

    Pretty much what Kai Greene said in the vid, but yeah

  • pictures33

    As a kid sports and our cultures worship of them made you think steroids were this terrible sun.

    Now as an adult I realize 99.9% of the population don’t play professional sports. And I look at dudes on roids and think whatever floats your boat man.

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