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Beginning of end of Marvel games….

Beginning of end of Marvel games….

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  • R4Y029

    Hopefully EA has learned from Square Enix’s mistakes.

    Who am I kidding. Get ready for a microtransaction heavy, bland game which heavily follows the MCU. And there are 3 of them.

  • kerkyjerky

    It’s weird. We’re they unsatisfied with the Spider-Man masterpieces at insomniac? Same with guardians of the galaxy (great game that sold poorly).

  • SirPorthos



    Okay…here me out…Star Wars Fallen Jedi Order.


    We felt the SAME way about it too and it came out pretty decent amiright? Also, NFS Heat and the recent NFS No Bounds look promising as well. I get it. I too am wary of EA but I think they’ve earned a small second chance.

  • Dannu123

    EA don’t mean shit until we see the actual games. People tend to forget games like Jedi: Fallen order, it takes two, dead space etc exist too. EA is more of a publisher than a developer, we will need to wait and see who will be the actual developers of these game and what kind of games they will be

  • Albinokapre

    I mean it’s EA motive making an iron man game, and they made a really good Star Wars flying game so I’m not hating this.

  • mandelmanden

    Were there any good Marvel games? I know people say the Spider-Man games are good, just wondering if they are part of the “MCU” Marvel license or the off-brand Sony-Marvel part…

  • indebut96

    I honestly hate the gaming community sometimes. Give them a damn chance, if it sucks, then we don’t support EA in the future. Some of us are already at this point. Don’t shoot it down before it even gets a chance to see the light

  • corgangreen

    Marvel had an exclusive deal with Activision for over 20 years, but you think EA making 3 games is “the end of Marvel”?

  • zackdaniels93

    EA is more than FIFA lol

    They published Jedi Fallen Order which was pretty great overall, and were the ones who suggested Anthem’s flying was given to every Javelin, instead of just one like Bioware originally pitched. Every chance their Marvel games could be great.

    Of course, they could also be crap, but I don’t believe in being that pessimistic lol

  • Tabulatelk15

    I’m getting tired of this. People automatically assume that something will fail because it has EA on it. Almost all of the Star Wars games made by EA are great (granted, after some updates, but my point still stands). Fallen Order is one of the best Star Wars games in history.

  • rancidpandemic

    Fuck both EA and Activision. Those two companies have been ruining gaming for decades now and it’s about time they were dissolved.

    To my knowledge, Bungie has been the only dev studio to survive being purchased by/partnered with either publisher, and they still haven’t been the same since.

  • RBTropical

    If only Disney had acquired a legendary game studio in a big acquisition a few years ago and hadn’t deleted it from existence.

    RIP LucasArts

  • wicktus

    Yes just like Star wars: Fallen order, an absolute nightmare /s..

    Seriously, let’s judge once the games are actually in-development and presented to us.

    There are still good studios within EA, especially Respawn.

  • FlashWayneArrow02

    As much as I hate EA for the lazy shitpile that is the FIFA series, it is the only money printer in their arsenal. If they want any other IPs to succeed, they need to make them decent. Jedi Fallen Order was pretty enjoyable, and Battlefront 2 was good once they started listening to the community. I think Dead Space/Mass Effect games are EA as well, and they’re pretty well liked.

  • butt3ryt0ast

    Jedi fallen order was Ea and that was a great game. No micro transactions or in game purchases. They even added free content afterwards that the fans had asked for. I’m optimistic

  • Winter_Coyote

    There are upcoming games for Spider-Man, Wolverine, Midnight Suns, and that WWII Cap/Black Panther game, how is a non-exclusive gaming contract the end of Marvel games?

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