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BANSHEES OF INISHERIN | Official Trailer | Searchlight Pictures

BANSHEES OF INISHERIN | Official Trailer | Searchlight Pictures

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  • indig0sixalpha

    > Set on a remote island off the west coast of Ireland, THE BANSHEES OF INISHERIN follows lifelong friends Pádraic (Colin Farrell) and Colm (Brendan Gleeson), who find themselves at an impasse when Colm unexpectedly puts an end to their friendship. A stunned Pádraic, aided by his sister Siobhán (Kerry Condon) and troubled young islander Dominic (Barry Keoghan), endeavours to repair the relationship, refusing to take no for an answer. But Pádraic’s repeated efforts only strengthen his former friend’s resolve and when Colm delivers a desperate ultimatum, events swiftly escalate, with shocking consequences.

    > Cast: Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson, Kerry Condon, Barry Keoghan

  • RipJug

    I’m very intrigued after watching that. Seems like it’ll certainly take a very dark turn.

    The Mozart line got a good laugh out of me, looks like it’ll still have some of McDonagh’s humour. Brilliant cast too, surprised me that Condon is Irish as the first I’d seen of her was in Better Call Saul.

  • scoutcjustice

    Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson teaming up for another Martin McDonagh movie?

    Well yeah, sign me right the fuck up.

  • Scratchy13

    Really looking forward to this but as an Irish person the name Inisherin gives me a chuckle because it basically translates to “Island of Ireland”

  • MattSR30

    I love both of the McDonaghs’ work but Martin is probably my favourite director so I am absolutely thrilled to be hearing about this. Brendan and Colin back at it again? Sign me up!

  • Ballsinmygooch

    As a big fan of McDonagh’s earlier Irish plays, it’s really cool to hear that dialogue spoken aloud in a film. Would’ve loved to have caught a production of Beauty Queen of Leenane or The Cripple of Inishmaan, but this looks like it’ll be in a similar vein so I’m excited.

  • ThisIsCreation

    My family and I are big fans of both McDonagh brothers. We’ve seen all their movies together in the cinema since In Bruges so I’ve been very excited for this.

  • -Lumos

    This is really specific, but I’m an odd dude. I absolutely love it when Colin Farrell yells or screams (example 1:24). Especially when he’s using his own accent. Something about him losing his shit is just really entertaining to me.

  • TheBigIdiotSalami

    Gonna be honest. I think Martin McDonagh could do a Mel Brooks type thing if he really put his mind into coming up with about 200 good visual gags.

  • Sleepy_Azathoth

    I still remember watching Seven Psychopaths and being blown away by the dialogue and the story, then I saw In Brudges and Three Bilboards and loved them both as well.


    McDonagh has such a unique voice, he comes from the theater so his films has this remarkable sense of dramaturgy that I love. This is now probably my most anticipated movie of the year.

  • therisingalleria

    Barry Keoghan back at it eating and holding utensils in that peculiar way of his. Someone *please* teach him how to properly hold a fork.

  • 13strong

    There’s definitely a bit of a theme in McDonagh’s films: what happens when someone, for some reason, sets an ultimatum or fixes their will on something and refuses to compromise?

    In In Bruges it was the two older gangsters clashing over their immovable principles regarding the younger gangster’s accidental crime.

    In Three Billboards it was Frances McDormand’s character refusing to back down over the unsolved rape and murder of her daughter.

    Even in Calvary, by his brother John, it was the mystery killer issuing a fatalistic threat against the older priest, who accepted his fate.

    You’d think it would get boring but it just doesn’t. They’re all fantastic, compelling films.

  • Pinballfantasies

    I don’t think there’s anyone, who does the mix of comedy and drama better for me, than Martin McDonagh. And this trailer was just… strong. I think I’m gonna do a good old 3some with his other films before this comes out.

  • PunkandCannonballer

    In Burges is my favorite movie ever, I am SO STOKED to see these two together again with the man that made it.

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