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Backlog keeps growing on top of Elden Ring and God of War Ragnarok yet this is what I turn to every night

Backlog keeps growing on top of Elden Ring and God of War Ragnarok yet this is what I turn to every night

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  • I_Marquosius

    I can completely empathise with this! Despite all of the modern games and experiences out there, one of my favourites is bringing the GameCube out to play with my wife to slap on _Mario Kart: Double Dash_.

  • DrunkenOlympian

    I hear you man. I have a gaming PC, steam Deck, PS5 and Xbox Series X (gave the Switch to my nephews). I still play Diablo 3 more than anything. Nothing like turning the brain off after a busy day of work and grinding out some gear. New stuff requires thought!

  • Asuka-02-

    The N64 and Gamecube (those eras in general, PS and Xbox and PC during those times too) had a warmth that can’t be beat. The design of the games is just cozy and focused, they are genuinely therapeutic.

    I like modern games too, but these games are never not worth going back to. I play them regularly in between big new games.

  • Austoman

    Thats the thing about older games. They generally have a much faster ‘time to play’ than modern games. That is to say the time it takes from when you sit down to when you actually start playing the game and enjoying yourself. Most modern games have patches, checking for updates, connecting to servers, longer initial loading (due to graphics), and then once youre actually in the game it usually takes longer to actually start doing something.

    Comparatively older games and or games that a rereleases/modern versions of the same games are basically plug and play. You put in mario and you are genuinely playing in under 30 seconds.

    God of War takes atleadt twice as long as you load up the game, load the save, and begin teaversing until something happens.

    None of this is to say modern games are bad, just that older games were quicker to the action and so they are generally more enjoyable for the times you are looking for entertainment without preparation.

  • Baph0metX

    You can’t beat the classics!

    I feel the same way, my friends are playing all these new games on their ps5s with crazy storylines and features, and I’m over here playing old school RuneScape on my laptop 😂

  • TheOftenNakedJason

    This is the same vibes as “kids and their damn music! The best music was from when I was a kid.”

    And you ain’t wrong.

  • Erik_Dax

    Know the feeling. Keep expanding the to play list but end of the day with gym work and family stuff either end up playing stardew valley on my switch or modded stardew on my phone while my PC just hangs out as a Plex Server

  • Gcoks

    I’m the same but just beat ALttP again last week and started Earthbound again today. I want new experiences but you just can’t top the familiar.

  • lordraiden007

    I remember when I played that game as a kid I would always go and play the Yoshi flower mini game and it made me cry because I never won. I would then transform my sadness into anger and go kick the sh*t out of bowser.

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