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Back in my day you either got the job or didn’t.

Back in my day you either got the job or didn’t.

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  • Minimum-Living-459

    That first mission was near impossible as a kid

    Damn didn’t know so many people had nightmares of this still even as an adult!

  • Left4DayZ1

    I never beat this in the OG game.

    Driver: San Francisco (fantastic game, you missed out if you never played it) recreated this mission and I was finally able to beat it.

    [To unlock the mission](, you have to hit at least 88mph in a DeLorean. This is just one of those details that makes it obvious that the development team *loved* this game and was steeped in car culture. They KNEW that the first thing a player would do when getting a DeLorean, would be to see what happens when you hit 88mph… so they added something, a recreation of the very first ever mission in the Driver franchise.

  • MackieStaggie

    …..I never understood why people found this difficult, I found this relatively easy.

    Burnout to start -> Late brake before hitting wall (should get Speed ticked off as well) -> Reverse 180 -> into 360 using the burnout button -> Complete lap -> Slalom through the pillars -> Handbrake 180. DONE.

    NOW this last mission, get that into the sea.

  • Texugee

    A few friends and I were broke as fuck growing up.

    One of us had a PS1 with just a few games and back then you could often get demos of up and coming games for free.

    One of those demos was driver. There were no missions. Just the car in this image and the streets of San Francisco with traffic and the occasional police car.

    So we made up a game with what we had. Each person would take a turn on the controller and try to last as long as possible without getting pulled over by police because the demo included driving infractions like, if you ran a red light in sight of a police car they’d begin pursuit.

    That shit was so fucking fun. We’d laugh our asses off.

    Hell one time we even figured out how to leave the rendered part of the sandbox and drove on water out to the Alcatraz jail.


  • Bradparsley25

    Can I just say… the driver games were such a point of bonding for my brother and I.

    I don’t think we ever laughed so hard together as some of the dumb ass things the AI in these games would do, and how rabid and viciously the cops would come at you sometimes.

    We spent probably hundreds of hours late at night, in secret, after our parents were asleep, and they thought we were asleep. jJust playing this game, laughing our asses off and driving around in free mode. We’d make up our own missions… mostly stuff like picking an interesting looking spot on the map and then trying to make it there.

    Then all the hijinks with getting police attention and running… crashing, hiding, trying to lose them in traffic .

    Oh god, the nostalgia.

  • btof-gamer

    Jesus Christ, that game is still in my nightmares from when I was a child. I wanted to finish it so much, but I never got past the second mission.

  • DannySpud2

    You wrecked the car man!

    I never beat this tutorial as a kid, my entire experience of this game was basically turning on the invincibility cheat (L2 L2 R2 R2 L2 R2 L2 L1 R2 R1 L2 L1 L1) in free-roam and trying to get across the Golden Gate Bridge before the cops flipped my car or I clipped out of the world. I spent hours and hours just doing that over and over again. It’s my favourite PS1 game and I technically never played it.

  • superiorplaps

    And if you made it past this part, you had to deal with the police.

    The cops in this game had no sense of self preservation at all. They were like the defensive line of the Dallas Cowboys. Their job was to ram you, block you, and stop you from completing the objectives at all costs, and they gave no shits who got hurt in the process.

  • libra00

    Is that the original Driver? Man the graphics on that game did not age very well, but I still remember it fondly. Also that parking garage test was hard as hell, I had to do it over and over again to finally get it and I was a grown-ass adult.

  • DarienKane

    Played the ever living fuck outta Driver and Driver 2. Used to love getting in chases and using all the alleyways and stuff to get away and then going back and making a movie out of it with the replay and cameras and such.

  • PregnantGoku1312

    This game slapped ass, but my *god* was the difficulty curve wonky. If finishing the tutorial is the most difficult challenge in the game, your game isn’t very well designed.

  • tehcheez

    My dad and I rented this from Blockbuster for 5 days, we never made it past this. Fast forward a couple months and I wake up Christmas morning with Driver in my stocking. One of the rare occasions my parents let me stay up super late at that age because my dad and I swore we weren’t going to bed till we beat the tutorial. I don’t remember what time it was when we beat it, but I can remember the sun was starting to come up. One of the best gaming memories I have with my dad.

  • Calumface

    Anyone else remember just how fuckin awesome the chase music was? That funky 80s vibe music with the organ keys? That was such a vibe

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