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Aww shucks , I can’t vault over it.

Aww shucks , I can’t vault over it.

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  • SnooCompliments1145

    I really hope part 3 will be like dragon age inquistion, going all out rpg style with real open world maps in different realms and incorporating real time battle.

  • AmptiChrist

    After reading the comments, I’m legit shocked people actually feel this way. It’s a meme. A relatable joke. And a fucking video game.

  • Bladebrent

    He can literally cut through metal bolts holding down a giant monster that are also wider than the Blades of Chaos are long but then you meet a wooden door and go “Darn, I cant get through this”

  • Raytheon_Nublinski

    This man clearing 30 foot gaps flat footed but can’t step over a couple tree roots and a bit of debris. The logic of these realms can be chaotic.

  • Logondo

    Man, exploring in GoWR was rough. Not enough fast-travel points. Boating is slow and boring. I hated going back to areas to finish up side-quests because getting there was such a boring slog.

    Kratos is constantly blocked off by things he should easily be able to get around.

    But god-forbid Kratos climb on anything without paint.

  • Katana_DV20

    I recall silly mechanics like this in other games. Far Cry grapple for example. You’re out in the wild but can only grapple at designated spots lmao.

    Had a go at this “god of war” on a friend’s system. It feels like an interactive CGI movie to me. Not a game. Similar to TLOU.

  • Spacecoasttheghost

    Ya that shit always gets me, like I’m fighting Thor and whoopin his ass, jumping the heights of skyscrapers, an having god strength. But a little ledge or rock, man forget about it! If I was fighting kratos, I am a 100% sure I could beat him by being up on a ledge, and poking him in the eye with a stick.

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