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Author: SpongeyBandit

Was Zac Efron not considered an option as Ken for the upcoming Barbie movie? Did they audition for Ryan’s role or did the studio want him from the beginning?

I don’t hate Ryan, I like him in everything but this is the only time where I’m a little bewildered by the casting choice because he’s too old to play Ken as he’s like 41 now. The two other Ken’s they cast are young and Margot Robbie is 31. What a missed opportunity [especially since Efron looks like a Ken doll](https://i.pinimg.com/originals/a9/bd/33/a9bd33f15d0f2706ebefad1be128ea73.gif) Does anyone know if they were casting for Ryan Goslings role, or they just called him almost immediately the studio because the studio wanted him cause I’m surprised Zac Efron wasn’t even considered. Unless they wanted someone in their 40s because it’s part of the joke or humour that he’s suppose to be old or something? View Reddit by SpongeyBandit - View Source