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Atlanta | Season 4 Official Trailer | FX

Atlanta | Season 4 Official Trailer | FX

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  • indig0sixalpha

    > Touching down in ATL for one last season. Check out the OFFICIAL TRAILER for #AtlantaFX: The Final Season. September 15 on FX. Stream on Hulu.

  • milkyginger

    It seems like they’re doing more with the main cast this season. I liked some of the episodes without them in S3 but most of the ones with them were noticeably better.

  • stumpcity

    I am hoping like hell this thing goes out on a high note, and I don’t really have any reason to believe it won’t.

    But note that “go out on a high note” isn’t the same as “wrap everything up” – I don’t think those two, in this case, in regards to THIS show, are even compatible at this point. I hope folks don’t approach this final season thinking there’s gonna be a surplus of “answers” waiting for them. This is not the show to approach in the tradition of LOST or True Detective or any other otherwise decent show that got ruined by fans who refuse to engage with anything outside of “solve the puzzle” mode.

    I’m pretty sure this thing is going to freak out, confound, disturb, and enlighten in equal doses. I do hope it’s a little more character focused than S3 was (as much as I loved S3) but however this ends, it’s going down as a landmark in TV.

    And if I start jonesing for the same sort of combination of vibes and feels – Reservation Dogs is coming back, too.

  • caryconcannon

    I didn’t watch this because I love this show so much and I don’t want it spoiled. However, I hope the larger success arch is done well.

    S1 = local success is starting

    S2 = getting big

    S3 = made it big

    S4 = ?

  • lessmiserables

    I know fans like the “Twilight Zone” style episodes, but I hate them.

    I mean, I like the actual shows, but I don’t watch Atlanta for that. I watch it because I like the characters.

    Episodes like “B.A.N.” (Montegue), Teddy Perkins, and FUBU were “off” episodes, but they at least folded in the main cast in some way.

    And I don’t mind one or two like that–they’re interesting if you view it as a sort of “bonus” episode.

    But season three had four out of ten episodes not feature the main cast or even be in the same continuity. That’s just…ugh. If you want to write Twilight Zone episodes, go talk to Jordan Peele. You can explore things creatively, it’s just a weird choice to attach it to this show.

    Hopefully, season four doesn’t do this, or at least keeps it to a minimum.

  • backwoodsmtb

    Looks like they are back in Atlanta, which is a good thing. Season 3 was terrible IMO, between the setting and disjointed nature of the episodes, it was honestly a chore to get all the way through.

  • Fair-Bicycle-5798

    …has uh… Donnie been spending a lot of time in the sun? I don’t give a fuck, I’ll say it, why this dude look like Djimon Hounsou all the sudden?

    You know what show is a lot like this one? Dave.

  • PositiveStress8888

    without a doubt one of the most Iconic shows.

    the way they show the absurdity of fame and the intensity of the absurdity as he gets get more famous.

    Earn goes from winging it in the first season just trying to make this last chance workout, flip to being in Europe and going to that party, they guy at the party tries to pawn that artist staying with him off on Earn, but Earn see’s it coming and flips the script so he ends up making money and not doing much effort, yet at the same time tying to keep his head above water.

    It’s also a master class on how it deals with race, the first season Justin Bieber is black but acting like how the real Justin was acting back in the day

    the black Justin gets forgiven immediately while paper boi is known as the thug.

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