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At an antique store in bfe Missouri

At an antique store in bfe Missouri

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  • OfficeChairHero

    I’ve been there! Your description is perfect. It’s BFE Missouri. Was visiting a friend that was working in the area and explored that whole weird-ass town.

    I have quite a few photos from that place about 15 years ago. I’ll have to dig them up. I have one that has a box of lollipops and the sign says, “Free Whirly Pop with any butt plug purchase.”

  • Big-Mine9790

    And here I am thinking about the old days (let’s say…1982) where paying with a credit card required one of those bricksized weights which used carbon paper and the arm strength of an east German shot putter to make an impression of the card number, fill out the form, and remember to give the correct slip to the seller….

    Sometimes that took real thinking to keep everything in order.

    I really don’t miss those days.

    Oops, remembered more…after hoping that those numbers embossed were even barely legible, had to call the credit card company on a good old fashioned land-line then punch those numbers in, get a confirmation number, write that on the credit receipt, then hand a copy to the buyer

    The fun/scary ones were when the card would be declined because of nonpayment/over the limit, or my favorite…stolen. those would stare for a second then make a dash for the door.

  • anangrytaco

    Many restaurants and stores in Queens NY are the same. Cash Only but they will have an ATM there. An owner of a deli/cafe I visit said it was because of taxes and the greater chance of leaving tips after breaking a bill.

  • ShiftlessGuardian94

    We have a dive restaurant in my area that only takes cash, no checks no cards. And generally a meal for 3 there is still less than $30

  • 500owls

    I have been all over Missouri and I’d love to know the town, just to see if I’ve heard of it and not because I work for the IRS.

  • bc_I_said_so

    The Current River; you are in prime hillbilly country. (Deliverance banjo plays) but summer is the bread and butter down there with float trips; People just lead a simple life. Hope y’all had a good time!

  • AndyR001

    About 20 years ago, my mom used to buy my clothes at a local shop, the owner was a family friend. We live at – what the time was – a town with very little chains of stores, so the commerce was very local.

    When my mom went to pay, i will never forget what the owner said:

    My God Mary, you are carrying waddles of cash like a cattle merchant! We accept credit cards now!

  • uhhalex1991

    When someone in Missouri uses the words “that’s no bullshit” they are in fact being 100% truthful. This saying goes harder then “word on my momma” or “I swear” any day of the week inside the Missouri state lines. Period.

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