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As of today January 18th 2023 Google Stadia is shut down

As of today January 18th 2023 Google Stadia is shut down

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  • Molten_Plastic82

    I bought a Stadia just for the Chromecast. Never used the service itself and then got reimbursed.
    Me likes my free Chromecast 🙂

  • sarahrahjane

    i really liked Stadia. now i need to buy a new system if i want to play the newest games. i can’t afford that. (mostly just want to play the new Jedi Survivor – I’m not going to buy a PS5 for one game.) but I’ll pay for the game plus no additional cost on Stadia! it was actually a really great solution for not wanting to have to keep buying new consoles….

  • ralfnose

    I really liked using stadia. Downvote me if you want but served me well as a casual gamer who didn’t want to invest in a console. I will miss it, it’s the most economical way to game.

  • Kniles

    Can’t wait for the next slightly promising Google idea/app that won’t get off the ground because no one will join it, because Google will kill it, because no one will join it, because Google will kill it, because…

  • OuterWildsVentures

    I always felt like it was a sinking ship given Google’s history with this type of stuff, so every now and then I would check r/stadia and see how they’re handling themselves. It was generally an optimistic bunch.

    On the plus side at least they all essentially gamed for free for however long they used it.

  • tagrav

    In my experience paying google for products in the past I’ve come to find that their products don’t tend to last, or they tend to decommission then or roll them into some other product you don’t want.

    I think that’s mostly because their products aren’t their product.

    You and your data are the actual product.

  • candy_flora

    I don’t have a great pc, so this seemed pretty fun for me – I got to play some cool high end games. But I didn’t spend a ton of money on it tbh, and my brother who is a more serious gamer has his own gaming pc so he didn’t use Stadia at all, and even jokingly made fun of me for buying games on it. But it was fun!

  • Boogachoog

    Such a shame and so much wasted potential. Video quality and input latency were on another level compared to Xcloud and GFN

  • rutgersftw

    I got a PS5 a few months back and yes, it’s amazing, but I played a lot of RDR2 on Stadia and it worked pretty friggin great 99.9% of the time. The tech was there and working, it really makes you wonder why they had to kill it instead of give it time.

  • SomehowGonkReturned

    Say what you will about the Stadia, when I was in college that shit was great. I didn’t have to lug around a whole console, I could easy toss it in my bag when I traveled, take it home and play games with my little cousins.

    The switch is fine as a successor to the Nintendo DS, but the graphics still aren’t that good and joycon drift is still a major issue.

    The Stadia was my shit. Rest in peace

  • overwatchtower

    Stadia was easily the best of the game streaming platforms. Ironically, I think the problem was that a lot of people were convinced Google would shut it down in a few years, so it didn’t gain enough traction to be worth not shutting it down. Like if so many people didn’t have that preconceived notion, there’s a decent chance it would’ve survived. Hopefully their tech lives on. Would love to see someone like Valve enter the game streaming market by partnering with Google for the infrastructure. Imagine being able to stream your Steam library to any device.

  • ChuggsTheBrewGod

    Here’s the rub too: Stadia was actually pretty alright. It was low latency, it had a niche market, and the tech involved was mind blowingly awesome.

    It’s too bad that likely a series of fatal flaws from it’s inception are what killed it. It really didn’t help that the primary business model was buying a digital game from a company known to shut down projects and leave early adopters with nothing.

  • pconwell

    I had to travel a bunch during covid (ironic) and used Stadia for a bit while stranded in various hotels. It was okay. The tech worked fine, but there wasn’t much for game selections. If they had a better catalog of titles, I think the service probably would have been successful.

  • z4bbi

    In the end I also didn’t play anymore because of buying each game on Stadia, while also having it on Steam. But I have to say that Stadia was the best running Cloud Gaming Service for me. Neither Xbox nor Nvidia are working as good as Stadia sadly.

  • Teska-Tenka

    No one gets Stadia because Google will kill it

    Nobody uses Stadia

    Google kills it because no one is using it

    repeat with another product

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