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As accessible and convenient as digital games are, nothing beats the feeling of getting little things like these with physical copies

As accessible and convenient as digital games are, nothing beats the feeling of getting little things like these with physical copies

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  • Roroyus

    I agree, unfortunately, limited storage space, the very low price during digital sales and the fact it’s becoming so rare to even have a disk or cartridge inside the box.

  • hurdygurdy21

    I still got my Skyrim and AC Black Flag maps hanging on my wall. Along with my Los Santos and Liberty City maps. Also unrelated but the Guardian of the Galaxy Inferno poster I got with the blu-ray of Guardians 2.

  • a_coupon

    Oooooh I got the pre order version of Skyrim by accident it came with a t shirt and a cloth map.

    I was just supposed to get the game and nothing else.

    God that was such a dope day.

  • Jenetyk

    Reading the game book in the case was the most hyped you could ever get. DK 1-3, Halo CE/2 immediately come to mind as amazing lore and world builders.

  • Slowmobius_Time

    Except unfortunately nowadays you get a special edition and all you get is this exclusive digital outfit or early access to ranks in our battlepass, maybe a sticker or two

    Even the statues these days you get with the big editions are crap for lack of a better word (Venom statue for the upcoming Spider-Man 2 got leaked/released and it’s janky af

    I used to love getting physical editions and have an actual map or something to put up on my wall

  • mariiimallow

    It wasn’t much, but when I got a tiny, stapled booklet (a “Ranger’s Guide” or somethin) in my copy of Rune Factory 5 on the Switch, I kept staring at it for days. Wish more games did that, especially with how big the plastic cases are.


    I remember loving buying the release collectors versions for like 20-40 dollars extra, because they came with a bunch of fun swag. I’ve still got the steelbook cases for the 2009-2012 Call of Duty games, and my pre-order Skyrim map.

  • secondsbest

    First one I ever got was a full color cloth map that shipped with Ultima 5 I got some time in 89-90. I’ve been hooked on RPGs since.

  • DavThoma

    One of my favourite preorder bonuses was the t-shirt that came with the Resident Evil 6 steel book edition. It was a gift from my sister when she got her first job. Not a birthday gift or christmas gift, just a kind gesture.

    I miss that shirt.

  • IcyResolution5919

    The constant steam sales made me prefer digital copies more than the physical ones. That and the convenience of not standing in a long line in a game store whenever there is a release of a popular new game. I still remember standing for hours in a line when Starcraft 2 was released lol. So much hassle just to buy a game.

  • Bored_something

    I always try and get physical copies of games, even if all I really want is the game, just because of all this cool stuff. I wish they did more things like this.

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