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Apple Design Team Making The New iPhone 15 Pro Max

Apple Design Team Making The New iPhone 15 Pro Max

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  • macemillion

    Isn’t this pretty much most phones from most companies over the last few years? The original iPhone from 2007 was a big leap, everything since then has just been an incremental adjustment

  • PocketTornado

    We’ve reached the end game of smartphones. It’s always going to be a rectangle and never a banana. What else can even be done in this space?

    Everything in both camps is leaps above what the average consumer will ever need or use. My mother does not need 8k video when they are still rocking a 1080p TV. The screen resolution doesn’t need to go beyond the point where we can’t even see the pixels with our naked eyes. And I still can’t believe we have hardware raytracing in something so small, what the hell are they going to fit in there 10 years from now? I can’t imagine working as one of the engineers at Samsung or Apple being told to make something better and smaller every 12 months. There is literally no other industry that is being pushed so hard to dazzle consumers with such short turnaround. We are spoilt beyond our own comprehension.

  • nycdevil

    Considering they have changed the literal one reason why I have not been willing to consider an iPhone for the last decade, I’m all for it.

  • JerosScotland

    I had a OnePlus5 that died due to water damage, I got a Pixel 4a that was close enough to the OnePlus5 in most ways to do, Its paid off now and I still use to this day over two years later I think, I don’t NEED anymore phone than I have here.

  • NotAHost

    I feel like I could make a similar post about the response comments/videos at any smart phone event any year, or every iPhone release for the last ~10 years. Like back in the day they’d release one new ‘main’ feature every year, from the ‘retina’ display on the iPhone 4, to Siri, to TouchID, to FaceID… I can’t even remember the other main features after that. It’s always been relatively nuanced upgrades every year that are just suppose to improve QoF with the device. Everyone also copies each other at some point.

    I mean on the other end, it’s hilarious the ridicule that came out for AirPods, or multiple camera lenses at the time that’s relatively accepted by everyone now.

  • ianjm

    No-one is making you buy the 15 if you already have a 14. Most people don’t buy a new phone every year now. For me, it’s a solid upgrade from my iPhone 11.

  • diprivan69

    I don’t know why so many people are saying there is nothing else we can improve on smart phone, y’all have NO imagination!

    – better optical telephoto 10x,15x, 20x!
    – better in body optical stabilization
    – sticky AI autofocus
    – IR cameras for night vision!
    – thermal camera
    – faster apertures
    – HR sensors, SPO2 sensors, temp sensors
    – larger batteries
    – the list goes on

    The iPhone 15 usb c doesn’t even support faster charging speeds or data rates

  • Porrick

    USB-C is exactly what I’ve been waiting for and the reason I skipped the last few versions even though both the battery and the charging port of my old phone have been slowly dying for ages. Planned obsolescence is a bigger problem than lack of fancy new features.

  • SmoothPlantain3234

    I’ve never owned an iphone before and am not interested in this one in the slightest, for the same reason I don’t buy louis vuitton bags or something like that. I don’t feel like paying a hypebeast tax just for the brand name.

    But I always wonder. Do people who make these sort of videos, are they also bothered that the 2023 Toyota Camry looks almost exactly like the 2022 Toyota Camry? Are you people actually expecting them to throw out the old design and start from scratch each year? Are you listening to yourselves lol?

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