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American Dad Season 18 (Trailer) | TBS

American Dad Season 18 (Trailer) | TBS

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  • Pintsizepond

    I’ll always maintain that American Dad is far superior to Family Guy. I was worried it was heading towards cancellation with the merger into WB Discovery.

  • LordXenu45

    The only MacFarlane show I’ve gotten into. I’m assuming it’s because he doesn’t write on it, although tbh I’m not even sure he still writes on Family Guy either. Really hoping it can keep going a few more seasons.

  • smalltalkbigwalk

    Such a good show! Pretty sure that the movie Infinity Pool is a rejected AD script. Jeff and Hayley goes on vacation. They meet Stan and Francine there who takes them out on a fun night. Roger in disguise rents them a car. Oh no, someone died! But that’s okay! Roger in another disguise tells Jeff about a secret government program where they can just simply clone him! “Wait, didn’t they do a Jeff clone episode already?” ::hits bong:: Oh well, anyway, Steve the scientist makes a copy of him and hijinks ensue! And since it’s on a seaside resort, Klaus makes an appearance somewhere.

    So that’s my theory on why Infinity Pool is totally a mid rejected AD episode. I can totes see why David’s son got all excited and clapped his wrists together at the idea of actualizing it into a mid-tier movie. All it did was make me yearn for mainlining the comedy straight from the source. If they had cancelled this series, I totally would have pulled a “Steve going bananas” bit.

  • WR810

    The TBS seasons haven’t been as good but this is still my favorite wacky animated sitcom.

    I’ll keep watching so long as they keep making them.

  • CptnMoonlight

    I hope these shows go on pretty much forever. Even at their worst quality they’re still highly enjoyable background noise.

  • keving87

    Oh this didn’t get cancelled when TBS switched to unscripted only? I thought only Miracle Workers was left, and who knows when that’ll air. It was *supposed* to start in January, but then they delayed it either on the day it was supposed to start, or pretty close to it… I’m assuming they’ll just cancel it eventually and Hulu will pick it up since it’s produced by FX Productions.

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