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Amazon Is Abusing It’s Publisher Privilege’s To Blacklist Accounts Through Steam

Amazon Is Abusing It’s Publisher Privilege’s To Blacklist Accounts Through Steam

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  • TurtleRanAway

    Thought of course the guy was wronged, I really have 0 empathy for people that are so snarky and ass holey when talking with customer service. The guy you want to help you is not the guy who screwed you over.

  • rawWwRrr

    I feel like there is more to the story. Removing a game from an account doesn’t actually remove it from your account. It’s a more of advanced “hide” feature. It just disables the license but that license is still tied to the account. If one were to “re-buy” a removed game, the system would simply remind the user that their account already owns the game and if they still want it they should go through the Support pages to restore it. Even a F2P game.

    So the excuse of the chargeback is difficult to link back to the removal of the game as there is no refund being made and realistically the game is not actually being removed as I explained above. There was some news about Amazon Games banning dormant accounts a few months ago that resulted in Game Bans on the Steam Accounts, but they admitted to that mistake and accepted appeals to have those reversed if the game ban didn’t reverse automatically. But this guy in the video is referencing a ban over a year ago for chargebacks.

    He made mention of a “generous viewer” giving him money for the Founder’s Pack. How was that done? Streamlabs donation? Steam Digital Gift Card? 40 gifted subs? Straight up gifted the Founder’s Pack directly to the streamer? I could conceivably link a couple of scenarios back to a viewer who may have felt jilted by the fact that their favorite streamer decided not to play a game which they paid for and issued a chargeback to recoup their money that might have triggered Amazon Games to issue a game ban to thwart someone’s effort to get free in-game currency.

    The streamer could probably figure that out given he asks the right questions but he’s been focused on the ban rather than the chargeback. He maintains he didn’t issue a chargeback. Could be someone else did it, even his own bank. “Where’s the money?” Dunno. Call your bank, brah.

    Lastly, Amazon Games has the same ability to issue a Game Ban that many other publishers have on Steam. It’s nothing special that they have.

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