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All my sons friends have Nintendo Switches to play BotW. And that doesn’t fit in the ol’ budget so look what I found it the basement.

All my sons friends have Nintendo Switches to play BotW. And that doesn’t fit in the ol’ budget so look what I found it the basement.

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  • Mister_Scorpio

    PSA everyone, these are only available on 3DS eshop until August. I got Ages & Seasons for $6 each. This is the way to play as you dont have to worry about ancient save batteries. If you have a 3DS, Buy a nintendo eshop card and get em before they are gone!

  • yognautilus

    LOL the sentiment is cute but this reminds me of when Bart got Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge instead of Bonestorm. Getting your kid the budget version of a cool thing all his other friends are getting is a ticket to a day’s worth of being the butt of their jokes *and* just reinforces his image as being the poor friend of the group.

    BOTW2 probably won’t be out for at least another year. Do what that other Redditor suggested and put aside $25 each month for a Switch fund.

  • DesertSlasher88

    I missed that game. Have oracle of ages but it stopped working 😭. BOTW was a good game, great graphics and challenging gameplay, but it was the most unsatisfying ending to a LoZ game I’ve ever had.

  • Nefariousness1776

    I want to thank everyone for the budgeting advice. And for my sons welfare. We have a xbox one, so don’t worry he isn’t being neglected. We are saving for a Switch and BotW But it will take awhile before we can purchase it. We have medical bills that we are trying to pay off. He is a great kid and very understanding. He’s being very patient and I wanted to do something nice for him. So I spent some serious time digging around to find the old GB that I was hoping I still had.

  • CBAlan777

    Honestly, I’m thinking of going back to this. I miss the GBA. To the point where I wish Nintendo would get back into making dedicated handhelds again.

  • gimp1615

    The Oracle games were incredible. I remember being Ages and teasing with my friend to play Seasons, and then playing a linked game to battle Twinrova. Incredible memories.

  • edengamer253

    Its aged well despite the graphics. Being the first Zelda I played when I was young, I think its a great game, and quite replayable. Ages is also great and a little harder.

  • NCR_Ranger2412

    One of my favorite games was LA for gameboy. OoA and OoS are so so good. Loved that you can use the codes to unlock stuff between and in addition to the games. A very formative part of my childhood hood for sure.

  • GoddessNefertiti

    I had that exact same system and that exact same game! They were stolen from my backpack my freshman year of high school. My system was even that silver blue color…

  • XxCorey117xX

    Another game on my 3DS I have meant to try but never played. Might give it a go to celebrate your findings lol

  • dickhole-papercut

    My buddy and I played ages and seasons a TONNE back when these came out on an emulator called Rew. We would help each other out and bring the save states to each other’s house on floppy disks

  • GenericGio

    Dude when my son was younger I was so incredibly broke. I went to flea markets and he played ps1, ps2, gamecube and n64 games until we could finally afford his ipad, but he still loves the retro titles. Now we’re in a much better place and he has a high end gaming pc and dual monitors at 8 years old. Something I wouldve dreamed of. It’s great to start your kids on the old stuff, I feel like it makes them appreciate the new wave so much more

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