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Alaska to Argentina on a Honda 90. Episode 16: Bolivia and Argentina – c90adventures

Alaska to Argentina on a Honda 90. Episode 16: Bolivia and Argentina – c90adventures

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  • 1503O

    I watched because of the bum shot. I stayed because of the story. What I didn’t expect was to fall in love (yes, homo). Now if you’ll excuse me, I have 11 years of video’s to catch up on.

  • pumamaner

    So sad it’s over 🙁

    I’ve been watching Ed for years, seeing him travel around the world has been inspiring. Can’t wait to see what comes next

  • MIKE_son_of_MICHAEL

    riding that salt flat would be breathtaking. Bit bittersweet that that was one of the final points for him that drove home how he was done with his journey, but still a very epic experience

  • ConsciousLiterature

    I used love touring on my Yamaha xt125 when I was younger.

    That thing was indestructable. I even fell into the ocean with it (don’t ask), dragged it out, straightened the fork using my feet and hands, kicked it and continued on my way.

    You could take the entire engine apart and put it back together again in an hour.

  • DemitriX2k

    Hope its not truly over, but very thankful for the content he’s delivered over the years, very underrated travel channel.

  • kummis

    what an absolute madlad.

    here I was treading because I’ll have to drive a few thousand kilometers mostly flat, boring highway with little tyre tread left and this guy is… like yoloing his way through bolivian deserts

  • Crapahedron

    This makes me want to get a vespa or a little honda grom or something and just see what kind of adventure I can get into before I have to get air lifted by paramedics.

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