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Afroman raided and produces a music video using his security footage

Afroman raided and produces a music video using his security footage

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  • DearBurt

    I once shared a drink with Afroman. And by that, I mean I was front row at his show and handed him a bottle of Bud heavy, which he downed half of and handed back to me. He looked at me and made a drinking gesture, as if to say, “Finish it, man,” and I did. But, truthfully, after a split second of thinking, “Jesus, who knows what this guy has?!” The thought immediately afterward of people booing me for refusing was just too great for a drunken 21-year-old me in college.

    This was 20 years ago, and I still think about it every time Afroman is mentioned around me, which is surprisingly more often than you’d think.

  • Skippy8898

    For those curious the raid happened back in August but no charges have been filled yet. The Sheriff says they are still testing evidence though. They did take $5000 since they suspected it was drug money but it has been returned to Afroman. He says $400 of it is still missing though.

    In other news Afroman is running for President in the 2024 election.

  • Myzx

    At first I liked the song and thought it was funny. Then I realized I was angry and incensed on Afroman’s behalf. No they fucking didn’t need to traumatize your kids, disconnect your cameras or break your gate and front door. Or steal your money. Damn, they did him dirty…

  • Chatteramba

    I’m so glad he didn’t blur any of their faces. We all know those trash cops would have blurred or completely hid any bodycam footage from the public.

  • Jenetyk

    The dude that is literally in camo is ridiculous to me. Fucking cosplaying.

    Also: What the fuck kind of enforcement officer has absolutely no positive control on his weapon? Fucker has his M4 just slung around his lower back. Pointing the gun while you raided the place and you are telling me it’s not condition 1?

    So you are just acting hard on the entry but were actually unable to actually shoot anyone, or there is a round in the chamber while you are backpacking that bitch around muzzle-checking a dozen people?

  • chambreezy

    “No kidnapping victims in my suit pockets” ahahhahaha Afroman was always absurd and hilarious but this is just surreal.

  • mrdeadsniper

    I can tell you why they are searching pockets for the kidnapping victim, because they want to find some tiny spec of leftover weed or something so they can say the entire sham was 100% justified.

    Anyways, whatever DA and Judge signed off on kidnapping such a bogus charge should lose their jobs and probably be considered for misconduct charges.

  • Willing-Ad502

    Afroman wrote probably the best marijuana PSA ever and its still a banger. the police should be thanking him for teaching people about some of the actual dangers of weed

  • lookitsandrew

    From my perspective as a law abiding citizen, that grew up in lower middle class.

    Police spend most of their time policing the poorest communities while turning a blind eye to upper middle class.

    My assumption is you don’t want to stir the hornets nest that is “wealthy people”

    They have lawyers and education.

    The low hanging fruit won’t put up much of a fight. Because that fight requires money.

  • passwordistaco420

    A wise man once said “Keep the dope stash in the neighbor’s yard. When they kick in the door, with a steel toe boot, won’t find nothin but a lawsuit baby babyyy”.
    It was Afroman

  • ErikkShone

    The way some of these dudes sling their rifles fucking triggers me, man. Like, your ass would be smoked every time an NCO saw that shit. It’s lazy, looks lazy. Probably just my corner of the Army world?

  • carany

    I’ve literally smoked with this dude when he used to party in Cookeville Tennessee. He’s literally the most harmless man and they still swatted his ass.

  • bobombpom

    Tbh, a raid that doesn’t find what it is looking for should lead to some form of sanctions on anyone with their name on the warrant.

    Warrants are for going to get what you KNOW is there, not for going in to take a look around.

  • Xpenzor

    A commercial property owned and rented out by my family got raided two years ago. Police came in full force, must have been 20 guys there. We told them we had the keys but they said no one is allowed near the property and broke the door down. The police were very civil about it though just made clear no one was to go near the property while they did their thing.

    Anyways they found nothing because the property was empty (renter was paying rent but not using the property, which is odd but the bills were being payed so who are we to judge). Afterwards we had a good chat with the police, customs and tax guys (yep, the entire alphabet was rolled out for this) and they said this was part of a bigger raid and that we shouldn’t worry just get a carpenter to fix all the damage and send them the bill and everything would be taken care if.

    All the cops were wearing skimasks and had automatic rifles and guess what not a single cop pointed his gun at anyone nor were any threats made. That’s because this happened in The Netherlands where our police force is actually trained and also pays you for all damages incurred.

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