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Ad posted by an elderly gent at the uni campus. Any takers?

Ad posted by an elderly gent at the uni campus. Any takers?

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  • sundialgrowers1

    “Rent can be reduced if you would like to do some lite house work”

    House work includes cleaning the lenses on all spy cams

  • DownTooParty

    I mean I’ve totally applied for a basement suite that was really cheap and said “Travelling workers only”

    I thought I was gonna get my organs stolen. Turns out I just got a cheap basement suite and she made me lunches to bring to work ! (Not all the time but still)

  • oiram12

    I’ve lived with 76 yo landlord, and I would occasionally do house chores for him. Some older people are lonely and genuinely need help. This add is honestly written, and your minds are twisted.

  • Wynter_Mute

    Honestly I have seen a legitimate add like this from an old guy I knew in my neighborhood. He was looking for a female roommate because he was bullied by a male tenant he had previously and basically robbed. It is not always someone looking for something dark. Granted it very well could be.

    I also only looked for female roommates in my single days because I am a neat freak and guys are freaking slobs. Never dated, or even pestered, any of the 4 I had over the years. One is still my best friend.

  • CantFeelMyLegs78

    Some older people that have been retired and had their house paid for for years and years just don’t know what other people pay for rent. If this person has lived in this house for 30+ years, the mortgage payment was probably less than $750 a month, so $150 sounds fare in their mind. As a male, I wouldn’t want to share a hone with another male. I feel like women are quieter oveGmail. Maybe he misses having his daughter or granddaughter around.

  • BrianKappel

    Bet it’s just a frail old man and he is just worried about his safety. A young woman is much less likely to be dangerous I would think.

  • seedanrun

    What make this add from a guy and not a lady? An old lady who does not want males or teenagers for tenants makes perfect sense.

    Also – is that really just $150/month? Plus reduce that with cleaning? The room is basically free.

  • Sol_Bardguy

    It might be a creepy person, but it could equally be someone who specifically doesn’t want a male tenant because they are more likely to cause trouble, be messy, noisy, have violent tendencies, etc. And saying the tenant must be 21+ is not the same as saying that the tenant must be young. You could be 90 years old and still fit in that bracket!

  • 3dprint_addict

    Not necessarily a sign of something wrong, some people assume women are less likely to cause disturbances and keep up with the place better than a younger guy

  • dirkinderegg

    I did something like this when I was in trade school. I saw an add on facebook by this older guy who was offering the apartment attached to his house. Had my own bathroom, kitchen, and entrance. All the guy wanted was some company he turned out to be this old timer who was a super nice guy. He and I ended up becoming good friends before he passed. He was just lonely and wanted some company. Rent was 300 a month, the guy was loaded so he didn’t need the money. After about 6 months he offered to let me live there for free as long as I kept the apartment clean. I live with him for about 3 1/2 years and he was never rude or creepy just genuinely wanted someone to talk to and bullshit with. He used to tell me about his wife before she passed and his kids never visited him so I was all he had. It was really sad at some points but in the end he changed my life and I feel like I helped change his. He ended up passing away about 2 months after I moved out. He left me everything basically except for most of his money which he donated to a cancer research hospital for kids before he passed. All I’m trying to say is don’t judge a book by it’s cover I guess. I miss ya John you were a good man.

  • ssillo

    I mean, generally speaking I’d rather have a female to live with than a male. You’d bet on female every time if you were worried about someone being too aggressive, confrontational, ability to kick your ass, drug user. Car insurance is more expensive for men under 25 than for women under 25 for a reason. There is a science to this, it’s called actuarial science.


    He’s a pervert. But it’s 1 of the 2.

  • ellalop26

    I actually don’t see anything wrong. If I was a college student, I would honestly take it. Some folks who are older, just need company sometimes.

  • Cautious_Jello5821

    I actually had a similar thing happen to me. I saw an ad from my schools off campus housing that said free rent for some light caregiving. I gave the guy a call and turns out he was a retired professor. 88 years old.

    He ended up being something like a mentor to me and let me live in his home ( fancy gated community) for free for 2 years. Hell even after I graduated he enjoyed my company so much he told me I can stay anytime I wanted.

    As for the “light caregiving” all I had to do is be there and help him up if he ever fell down. He used the restroom a lot during the night and his family was worried he would fall. Unfortunately he passed away last year 🙁 . He told me not a lot of people called, must have been because of the shady ad. I actually called a week after I saw it because I couldn’t believe it. He said only 2 other people called after a few months it was up

  • Sunshineqwertyuiop

    Honestly I don’t think it’s sketchy or laughable. It’s nice that the grandpa took time to take pictures, compile, and print this, and also distribute it around to students. As a student I get that rent nowadays get even more expensive so if I had this option I would’ve gladly take it. I’d even do housework for him for free especially if I know he has health issues and his wife has passed. I’d even cook and grocery shop for him if he no longer has family around with him. There’s nothing wrong with treating each other with simple decency considering they’re housemates and both adults. It’s kinda sad to see the comments shining a negative light on the grandpa.

    I’ve seen instances where grown men harrass and belittle elderly men, i don’t even know why, maybe either to just become shitheads or to boost their fragile masculinity in seemingly having power above someone who is older and fragile. Some of my personal friends have also stayed in homestays during their foreign exchange programs and two happen to be placed in a house with elderlies. One was an elderly grandma who happened to be really nice, polite, religious, and kind and they both bonded really well. Another was an elderly couple and they maintained communication over the years, even the grown children eventually become friends with my friend who homestayed with the elderly couple lol.

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