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A Mother And Her Son On Their Way To A Pride Walk

A Mother And Her Son On Their Way To A Pride Walk

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  • excti2

    I (m) have often dated bisexual men, but my observation is that they always end up in committed relationships with women. The love of my life back in 1992, around the time of this photo, was a bi man (tall, blond and attractive, like this bloke), but it was just too difficult for him to be in a same-sex relationship. He told me our chemistry and the sex was way better, but he just couldn’t get over the social stigma. He ended up going back to his college girlfriend. They got married and afterwards, he said his wife didn’t want us to be in contact. It still makes me sad…

    Edit: why are you down voting this? This is my personal experience as a bisexual man. Y’all are proving my point.

  • KS2Problema

    One of my best friends grew up in a large, loving, French Canadian Catholic family in Southern California. I usually have pretty good ‘gaydar’ (for a straight guy) but I was surprised when he pulled me aside one day at work and essentially came out to me, telling me he was dreading telling his good old boy roommate. And nobody in his own family knew, he told me.

    He did end up telling his roommate, while they were driving, and the roommate ended up driving off the road. But he stuck by his friend, even though he didn’t get it and told me he kept thinking it was some kind of mistake.

    When our pal moved up to Northern California, he took advantage of the break to live a somewhat openly gay lifestyle. Still, he was quite discreet, as folks go in such situations.

    A decade and change later, however, he was diagnosed with a virulent cancer (not related to AIDS or any other ‘lifestyle’ diseases).

    He almost immediately had to enter the hospital because the cancer was moving so quickly. I only had a chance to talk to him a couple of times, even though we’d been very close. Within less than a month he was gone.

    But at one point he decided that he had to tell his mother that he was gay. She listened patiently, holding his hand. Finally when he was done talking, she said, “Honey, I think I’ve always known. It never mattered. I love you.”

    *I wish everybody had that kind of accepting, unjudgmental love.*

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