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$1 worth of food gets me through night.

$1 worth of food gets me through night.

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  • HarryBaggins

    Buy bulk foods. Don’t overeat. Eating affordably can still be done in the US even with rising food costs. This plate probably costs a little over $1 all things considered, but not by much if you do it right.

  • Bogmanbob

    Few things make you feel as good as a little meat and veggies with rice. I am a bit prone to enjoy mine with a bit of sweet soy sauce though.

  • sl8rfan2

    Not a chance this was a dollar just because you had the ingredients lying around. There’s not a chance the combination shown here in this portion was $1. Just not possible.

    lemme guess what your response will be:

    > No this is two bottom of two left over zucchini thats been sitting in fridge for a week. Some people probably trash it.

    > It is not cup of rice. I made less that quarter cup of rice made from big bag of rice from sams club.

    > Hummus is homemade i make in big batch

    > 2 o clock homemade spicy salsa with 2 tomatoes will last me 5-6 times since its so spicy 🥵

    > Sams rotisserie chicken will last me 7-8 times since its so big.

    > Frozen medley veggies from walmart for rice its $1 sometihing for a bag i think i used 5% of it

  • OpenlyDefective

    Back in the 90’s I instituted at $1/day rule on food. I counted salt/pepper/oil etc… It was totally possible back then in the Midwest. There was a lot of potatoes, eggs, and bread. Dozen eggs was 60 cents, 5 cents each.

    1999 I moved to Manhattan, SOHO, there was a place on Canal Street that served 2 things, the $1 veggie noodles, and the $2 veggie noodles. I’d get the $1 bc the $2 was way more than you could possibly eat.

    No idea why I’m commenting this fully knowing the reddit world will aggressively hate on me for once having access to inexpensive food.

  • Jimithyashford

    I think it is good and accurate and worthwhile to point out that good shopping habits can make food MUCH cheaper.

    For example I bought a pork shoulder a couple of weeks ago, like $30, ouch. BUT I roasted it on the first night and carved up some generous portions for me and missus and we had it with mashed potatoes and salad. Then the second night we shredded the rest and made pulled pork and had pulled pork sandwiches for two nights. Then we took the bones with and remaining meat and gristle and roasted it and made a pot of beans, and had ham beans and cornbread for a few nights.

    You think of it that way, and the investment of the pork shoulder for a week’s worth of meals was actually pretty darn cheap.

    HOWEVER, it is also true that food prices have gone way up and that sucks and is hard, and smart shopping helps, but does not negate that fact.

  • fenton7

    Yup get a 30 pound bag of rice and frozen veggies on sale, plus some frozen chicken, and make dishes that are rice and veggie heavy, and meat light, and you can definitely do a few dollars per meal.

  • Jimithyashford

    People keep doubting this person. I dunno exactly what they used, but lemme give you a break down of how I’d do this from my local Walmart.

    10 lb bag of rice, contains 84 servings, cost $11. That’s 13 cents per serving.

    5lb bag of chicken thighs, that’s about 20 servings, cost $14. That’s about 70 cents per serving.

    Stir fry veggies, about $2.50 per 7 serving bag for the nice veggies, so that’s about 35 cents per serving.

    Can of chick peas or white navy beans for the hummus, 80 cents a can. One can would get you about 4 servings of hummus. 20 cents a serving.

    So that brings us to $1.38. Round up to $1.50 for the splash of oil or vinegar or shake of seasoning needed here and there to prepare it.

    So that’s what it would cost me shopping at my local Walmart. But they said they shopped at Sam’s club, where of course you have to buy in bulk sizes, but the end result prices over time end up being about 20% cheaper. So yeah, it’s very realistic they could make this dish for just a bit over a dollar, or even actually a dollar if they got a couple of items on sale.

    Now I am not saying this to try and pretend food prices aren’t on the rise and it doesn’t fucking suck. They are and it does. But this person isn’t lying. You can do this.

    Also this plate works out to about 600 calories for just the raw ingredients, call it 650 or 700 if your adding some butter and oil for the fried rice and stuff. That means for an average adult you’d need to eat about 3 such meals a day to get your 2000 calories. The nutritional balance here between carb protein and fat actually looks pretty good as is. So that’d be about $4 a day. Vary up your veggie side now and then, swap the rice for a different cheap carb like taters or pasta now and then, swap the chicken out for fish on occasion, and you’re looking at a pretty healthy and cheap way of eating. Of course the fish days will be more expensive than the chicken days, but overall still quite cheap.

    That is of course assuming you ate like this all the time, which nobody would cause you’d get bored and go nuts. But the point is it’s possible

    Chicken and rice and frozen veggies man, dirt cheap and also incidentally a really healthy diet. But it does get old fast.

  • TacticalTurtleNeck_

    I’m assuming this in wonderful response to the basic bitch that posted all of the overly expensive cheese and wine? 👍

  • markh2111

    Loving how worked up people are getting: “NO WAY THAT’S A $1 MEAL!”

    Y’all chill out, we’re not talking about the color of a dress or something of similar importance.

  • ParadoxIrony

    I’m not gonna lie I understand people struggling with the REST of life, the rent, the prices on electronics and vehicles and medical. But as someone who only makes 10$ per hour as a manager food is so easy to learn to get cheap. You can easily get by on like 30$ per week by using coupons and actually buying things youll eat and not wasting ingredients for fun.

  • reddit_user549

    Here in India we get much more food for less than half of that.. Yeah I am gonna brag about the cost of living here because that’s the only thing to brag about

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